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THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. This is just something I've discovered while trying to stretch a dollar in order to travel as much as possible.

I have used SO MANY sites in the past (Priceline, Expedia, etc) - Kayak is my absolute favorite - and here's why.

  • You can compare these rates vs Priceline, Expedia, and many other sites with one click. No visiting multiple sites.

  • The filters allow you to sift through the garbage flights & get exactly what you're looking for. For instance - if I'm looking for a nonstop flight, I select that. I prefer specific airlines, so I'm able to weed the others out.

  • My favorite feature is the advice box on the left (circled in red). I have found this to be particularly helpful. If it advises you to wait, simply turn on "track prices" and it will send an alert right to your email when the price drops! EASY PEASY!

  • I'm able to book directly through the airline vs a 3rd party, which has given me issues in the past (that's an entirely different post for another day, sigh )

Hope you find this useful! Let me know what other travel tips you'd like me to share.

Safe travels!



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